22 April -John Akomfrah’s “The Stuart Hall Project” Screening

One of the key thinkers of the post-war period, Stuart Hall (1932-2014) was a leading figure of the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. In the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Centre, John Cabot University will screen John Akomfrah’s documentary, which is a tribute to the intellectual
work of a thinker who had a huge influence on political, cultural and academic debates for over six decades.The film will be followed by a discussion with Mark Fisher (Department of Visual Culture, Goldsmiths, University of London). Professor Fisher is highly respected both as a music writer and a theorist. He writes regularly for Frieze, New Statesman, Sight & Sound and The Wire, where he was acting deputy editor for a year. He is the author of the much acclaimed Capitalist Realism (Zero Books)
Professor Fisher will be introduced by Dr. Beatrice Ferrara (Università di Napoli l ’Orientale).

Tuesday, 22 April 6:30-8:30pm Aula Magna Regina Guarini Campus

You are expected to come

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Quiz reminder:

Wednesday, April 16 2014

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Here are a few useful links on migrant & diasporic cinema and on Hanif Kureishi -the author we will focus on.


Migrant an Diasporic cinema in contemporary Europe:

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Reminder -The Stuart Hall Project screening (make up class)

One  of  the  key  thinkers  of  the  post-­war  period,  Stuart  Hall  (1932-­2014)  was  a  leading  figure  of  the   Birmingham  Centre  for  Contemporary  Cultural  Studies.  In  the  50th  anniversary  of  the  establishment  of  the   Centre,  John  Cabot  University  will  screen  John  Akomfrah␣s  documentary,  which  is  a  tribute  to  the  intellectual  
work  of  a  thinker  who  had  a  huge  influence  on  political,  cultural  and  academic  debates  for  over  six   decades.The  film  will  be  followed  by  a  discussion  with  Mark  Fisher  (Department  of  Visual  Culture,   Goldsmiths,  University  of  London).  Professor  Fisher  is  highly  respected  both  as  a  music  writer  and  a   theorist.  He  writes  regularly  for  Frieze,  New  Statesman,  Sight  &  Sound  and  The  Wire,  where  he  was  acting  deputy  editor  for  a  year.  He  is  the  author  of  the  much  acclaimed  Capitalist  Realism  (Zero  Books) Professor  Fisher  will  be  introduced  by  Dr.  Beatrice  Ferrara  (Università  di  Napoli  l ’Orientale).

Tuesday, 22 April 6:30-­8:30pm Aula Magna Regina Guarini Campus
22 April 2014 Fisher_Stuart Hall screening

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Diasporic cultures and media -readings

Adekunle Detokunbo-Bello:

Experience of Diasporic Nigerians-new year day

Glen Creeber:
Creeber ‘Hideously White’

Hanif Kureishi:

The Rainbow Sign

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Media counterflows and introduction to the concept of diaspora

Here are the readings for next week:
remember that we’ll have a make-up class on Friday.

Brian Larkin: African Videos & Bollywood



Tsagarousianou Rethinking the concept of diaspora

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Quiz reminder

Dear Students,

Remember that we’ll have an in-class quiz on Monday. It will cover the topics we have discussed up until our last class, i.e. case studies (The globalization of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’; talent shows in the ‘Arab world’; Afghan Star; Mac Donald’s in Hong Kong) + media counterflows (ch.6 including case studies such as Al Jazeera and Bollywood)

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Final Exam

Our final exam is scheduled for TUESDAY, APRIL 29!

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on Wednesday!!

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